The Changing Seasons

The Changing Seasons

As August draws to a close we start to observe the change in the seasons in Perthshire. We still get some lovely days but you can feel Autumn in the air as soon as September begins. We don’t want to wave summer away just yet so before we look forward to Autumn, can we just let you know that we’ve decided to make our Banana and Toffee Clootie Dumpling available for the foreseeable future (yes, you spoke and we listened!)

The Banana and Toffee Clootie Dumpling’s popularity isn’t in doubt and we were worried there might be a delegation of customers marching on our door brandishing pitchforks if we stopped making it! We understand why it’s so popular, who doesn’t love sweet banana. So just like summer it’s staying with us for a little longer. 

Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight begins on September 2nd and runs for a couple of weeks. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about some great Scottish brands and products and also the interesting people and stories behind them. Have a look online to learn more and see if there are any events near you. 

One event you might be interested in, is a tasting we’re doing at the famous House Of Bruar off the A9 near Blair Atholl. We’ll be there on the 16th of September from 11am so please do come and say hello if you’re there. If you’ve never visited The House Of Bruar it’s well worth a trip, its food court in particular shouldn’t be missed. If you can’t be there on the 16th don’t worry, our Clootie Dumplings will be on sale in their food court all year long.

Do you, or someone close to you, have a birthday in September? It might not surprise you to learn that September is the most popular month for birthdays in the UK (we’ll let you work out for yourself why that might be), and far be it for us to blow our own trumpet but we think our Clootie McToot gift vouchers might just be the perfect present for that hard to buy for person in your life. Of course the great thing about buying someone a gift from Clootie McToot for their birthday is they might just share some of it with you!

We apologise in advance but it’s time for us to use the ‘C’ word; Christmas. Yes, it’s just over 100 days until Christmas and we only mention this because we’ll be taking orders for our incredibly Christmassy, and always popular, Festive Clootie Dumpling in September.

The Festive Clootie Dumpling is a bit special because not only is it filled with Christmas flavours like raisins, sultanas, apricots and cranberries but it is soaked in brandy for an absolute minimum of 4 weeks. Our Festive Clootie Dumpling has a real traditional Christmas taste and it sells out every year. Now, because it takes so long to prepare we have to take orders in advance and we can’t simply make another batch in December because they wouldn’t be ready in time. We have to disappoint people every year who leave it too late to order one. So watch the website and place your order early, you won’t regret it.

We promise we won’t mention Christmas again for at least another month. Enjoy what’s left of the summer!