Things To Look Forward To This July…

Things To Look Forward To This July…

There are many, many reasons to look forward to July; it’s the height of summer, school holidays, long days and short nights, warm weather (well, mostly…), eating and drinking alfresco and maybe a holiday or a trip somewhere nice. Well, now you’ve another reason to love July; our Strawberry & Prosecco Clootie Dumpling is making its long awaited comeback.  

It’s the Clootie Dumpling like no other, combining two of our favourite flavours to create a real taste of summer. We’ve not made our Strawberry & Prosecco Clootie Dumpling for three years so this feels like a welcome return to normality as well as a great way to mark the long awaited summer in style. Now we just need some sunshine to go along with it!  

As ever you’ll be able to order a Strawberry & Prosecco Clootie Dumpling directly from our website, but only for a limited time, so don’t delay too long, you don’t want to miss the great taste of summer! 

If you are lucky enough to be making a trip this summer, then you might enjoy a slice or two of our Clootie Dumplings on your journey. We’re thrilled that Clootie McToot’s finest Clootie Dumplings are now available onboard the Caledonian Sleeper.   

The Caledonian Sleeper is a wonderful overnight train that runs between various Scottish stations and London. It’s a throwback to the great days of train travel, so it seems appropriate they offer one of the great Scottish foods on the journey now. Of course Clootie Dumplings can be enjoyed in many ways and at many occasions, but travelling in luxury at high speed across the country sounds like one we’d like to try soon.  

We feel Hercule Poirot would approve… Please do let us know if you see our products somewhere interesting, it’s always great to hear about them when they leave Perthshire.  

One place you might see Clootie McToot’s Clootie Dumplings is at the next Scotland Food and Drink Excellence Awards. We’re delighted to have been chosen as a finalist in the ‘Bakery Product Of The Year’ category and we’re sharing the stage with some illustrious company.   

To be chosen as a finalist is a wonderful accolade for all of the team here and all of the hard work they put in. Scotland Food And Drink is a trade body covering the entire industry across Scotland. They work closely with suppliers, manufacturers, farmers, wholesalers and retailers in the UK and abroad along with Governments and legislators helping to encourage and promote this vitally important sector. 

This is an industry award rather than a consumer award, so it’s lovely to be recognised by our peers in this way. Of course the only accolade that really matters is when our customers tell us they’ve enjoyed our Clootie Dumplings, but we’re still very happy with this nomination. Wish us luck.  

Remember all our Clootie Dumplings are available online from our website