Horseshoe – Protection from evil, and brings good fortune


ORTAK CHARMS – Made in Scotland

Bespoke decorative handmade charms crafted in Sterling Silver. Many generations ago a Scottish Clootie Dumpling often had coins, six-pence or ‘tanners’ or silver charms hidden inside for a lucky child or adult. The charms all had meanings and were there to give an insight into the diner’s future.

We doubt we’d consider ourselves lucky if we were to crunch down any of those with our teeth nowadays, so we don’t recommend you stir charms into your Clootie Dumpling. However, we feel this is a beautiful part of our Scottish heritage, and these beautiful bespoke charms make beautiful additions to necklaces, bracelets or kept as a keepsake along with a family ‘Cloot’ (dumpling cloth).

Our beautiful range of Clootie Mctoot Dumpling charms is made by Ortak, a handcrafted silver and gold jeweller for Men and Women, designed and handmade in Orkney, Scotland.


Horseshoe – Protection from evil, and brings good fortune