Mary Queen of Scots Clootie Dumpling character is made with a purple satin fabric. The cloak is made with a white furry fabric which is trimmed with ostrich feathers. Around the neck of the dumpling hangs a golden chain with a glass stone. The collar frill is made from purple lace. The top of the dumpling adorns the queen’s crown.

This unique product would be a great addition to your home or as a wonderful gift for someone special.

You choose your unique style of ‘Cloot’ (cloth), add in an 800g Clootie Dumpling flavour of your choice and we will do all the rest. Your Clootie Dumpling is delivered to you in the ‘Cloot’ of your choice with a weighted bag provided separately. Once your Clootie Dumpling has been eaten, place the weighted bag in the ‘Cloot’ and use your gift for evermore as a door stop, paperweight or decoration for your home.

Eco friendly: re using your packaging.


The Royal Cloot – Evermore Gifts – Gift, eat and reuse. A great addition to your home!

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