Plum and Gin Clootie Dumpling – ‘Fruity Mctoot’ Gin!

Plum and Gin Clootie Dumpling – ‘Fruity Mctoot’ Gin!

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During lockdown I managed to keep myself and my family busy. Like most people I cleaned the cupboards, painted rooms, home schooled and baked. I also took the opportunity to look at our Clootie McToot Dumpling business now it was closed during lockdown and ways to enhance our services in the future once the “new normal” hit and we could reopen.  We already had a history of working in collaboration with other local, small or family businesses. I wanted to expand this in the future as I believe this is the way to create strong business ties in Scotland and enhance your brand and product range.

There were two projects of collaboration I focused on:

Project 1 : We sourced  a Gin company who we feel will be as passionate about our products as we do. “DeliQuescent” based in Kelso were the ideal match. Debbie and Simon Rutherford are a husband and wife team like ourselves. They have a quirky business to and love to play about with flavours to create unique gin blends. Check out their “Haggis Gin”.

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My aim was for DeliQuescent to create a gin which would enhance our existing “Plum and Gin Clootie Dumpling” with an explosion of fruityness

My mum Anne, who is our shop manager helped with the enviable task of tasting the various gins which were delivered to us over several months of lockdown 😂 . After a few gins mum would say “ they all taste the same, hiccup!!!, I can’t taste a difference “ 😂😂 . 

After many tastings and feedback back and forward we now have the perfect gin that we will be using in our Plum and Gin Clootie Dumpling. The gin has been named “Fruity McToot” Gin which will be added to our dumpling from September. 

If you fancy purchasing a bottle or two please contact

Why not pop by our shop to taste our new Fruity McToot Gin Clootie Dumpling from September as well as our other award winning flavours of Clootie Dumpling.

Project 2 to follow …