Our Clootie McToot Dumplings are handmade in the Clootie McToot Kitchens in Abernethy to give an award-winning flavour to our secret recipes. Clootie McToot Dumplings are ideal not just for Christmas but as a tasty addition to your Scottish breakfast, or served with crumbly cheddars on a cheese board with oatcakes, or my personal favourite served as pudding all through the year. Custard, Cream, Ice Cream. Yummy! Yummy!

Using only the finest of ingredients, all of our Clootie Dumplings are shipped with consideration to the date you require to eat them. We ensure you have a minimum 10 day shelf life if kept in a cool dark place. You can also freeze your Clootie McToot Dumpling for up to 6 months.

Are you looking for that extra special gift? For that special person who has everything? We have the perfect option!

Why not select one of our bespoke Clootie Dumpling packages?

Your gift includes a scrumptious Clootie Dumpling of your choice, weighted bag and a bespoke Cloot (cloth) of your choice? We have a selection of beautiful Harris Tweed and our popular themed Cloots. Once the Clootie Dumpling has been eaten, you can place the weighted bag into your bespoke Cloot and it can become a beautiful doorstop or paperweight dependant on the size of dumpling you have selected.

Our bespoke Clootie Dumplings are available in a range of sizes.

This gift has been designed to promote reusability of packaging.

What does Clootie McToot stand for?

  • Traditional
  • Vegetarian
  • High in fruit
  • Recyclable or biodegradable packaging
  • Fresh product with a 2-3 week shelf life
  • Can be frozen for up to six months
  • We use local ingredients in our products to reduce food miles
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