From My Kitchen Table to Going Global!

From My Kitchen Table to Going Global!

Today is a really exciting time for our business as I’m thrilled to announce that Clootie McToot Dumplings is merging with COBBS Group.

COBBS are based in Drumnadrochit, Inverness-shire & they’ve got a wonderful team of 35 very talented bakers. We both share similar family values, ethos and we’ve both got the same passion & visions for producing authentic Scottish produce.

COBBS will help elevate our ability to upscale production to meet the ever-growing demand for our authentic Clootie Dumplings within the UK and Internationally.

This means that Clootie McToot HQ will be relocating from Abernethy, with our last day open being Sunday, 18th February.

We would like to thank all our wonderful customers from near and far as well as all our dedicated suppliers (we would not be in this position without the support of each and every one of you!).

I should stress, this is not us selling the business, it’s a merger to help us expand production to global levels we wouldn’t be able to do on our own.

I know this is a massive change & that you will have a lot of questions so I’ve tried my best to answer some of them below:

  1. Will the public still be able to order from the website? – Unfortunately customers will be unable to order directly from our website when the merger has completed. However with this iconic merger, you will see our products available in lots of new stockists as well as current stockists through out the UK and Internationally & we will promote them on our website/social media soon.
  2. If the general public will no longer be able to order from the Clootie McToot website, what will happen to previous order histories, customer data? – Previous order histories will be deleted & I am currently unsure if we will continue with regular e-newsletters to customers/suppliers/wholesalers . However people can unsubscribe should they no longer want to be kept up to date with our journey.
  3. What will happen with existing customer & wholesale order data? – See above answer.
  4. Will existing Clootie McToot wholesale accounts be moved over to COBBS? – Yes, we are contacting suppliers etc via telephone to discuss if they would like to be moved over to the relevant wholesalers for their area. For our Scottish stockists, we will be using Fife Creamery.
  5. How will existing Clootie McToot wholesale customers make orders via COBBS? – Wholesale customers can either contact cobbs via their website or if they are a stockist in Scotland, please contact Fife Creamery.
  6. Will customers be able to visit the new Clootie McToot HQ? – Absolutely! I look forward to welcoming everyone to our new Community Clootie McToot Café at 74 High Street, Invergordon, IV18 0DL & you will see me there from time to time (our ethos and values will continue, we’ll just be in a different location)
  7. Will this change affect the flavour etc of the Clootie dumplings? – We have built our reputation on producing high quality, authentic Clootie Dumplings. My Granny’s mums traditional Clootie Dumpling recipe will never change . That is how clootie McToot was born. I am sure there will be more recipes developed and new collaborations to ensure our brand never goes stale . The use of traditional methods is part of our ethos and values and will never be changed . I believe this is what makes our product extra special and a cut above the rest. We are currently the only manufacturing company in the UK that use these methods.
  8. Are clootie dumplings still being manufactured in Perthshire? – Currently manufacturing and distribution remains in Perthshire. We are currently ensuring our stockists in the UK and Internationally have lots of stock for our customers especially with Valentines and Mothers Day on the way.
  9. Will there be workshops available in the new location? – I am currently unsure if this will be an option or not. I love showcasing our tradition and heritage with the art of Clootie Dumpling workshops/demonstrations. I am sure you will see me on stage at a food festival, on a cruise ship, or at a highland games demonstration on how to hand craft a scrumptious Clootie Dumpling or showcasing all the wonderful serving suggestions for your Clootie Dumplings.
  10. What will Ralph’s (shop dog/security) new position be? – Ralph is 8 years old now and has loved his position within Clootie McToot HQ over the years. He has worked the floor so many times, getting a pat on the head or the odd bit of dropped scone. Ralph will be retiring like Granny Anne (Shop Manager).
  11. You have built the Clootie Clan family with your employees what will happen now that everyone is moving on to different roles? – The social interaction outwith the workplace had huge benefits for a number of our staff members. We all developed more that just a working colleague relationships, often having social nights in our home or at HQ. We have decided to keep our monthly social group held at my house and whatsapp group so that all our relationships can continue . I care for every single member of my team and would hate to lose contact with anyone of them.

Michelle Xx