Clootie McToot Logo Development

Clootie McToot Logo Development

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Michelle and Alasdair approached me about creating a logo for their Clootie McToot dumplings.

I paint and draw in a fairly traditional style now, and I’m often asked to paint or draw portraits; dogs and pets are my mainstays at the moment, it’s great, really enjoyable and fits around my part time job as a personal assistant, but I do get the chance to work on logos or design posters from time to time.

Alasdair remembered my work from art school, where we studied together many years before, he was able to visualise for me what he and Michelle had in mind for Clootie McToot, and Alasdair thought my style would be a good fit for it.

I set out to visit Michelle and Alasdair (Ralphie too) with my sketchbook. They gave me a short story to read through, about the magical world of Clootie Dumplings set around the village of Abernethy with its amazing history! Alasdair showed me the space they wanted to make into a shop and showroom, right next door to the tower! I thought it was a great idea, and I wanted to make something special for them that was obviously hand made, yet had the versatility of a digitally drawn artwork. So, I did a couple of quick sketches in my sketchbook, and then set to work on the graphics tablet in my studio.

From the story that Michelle wrote, I wanted to include the tower as a focal point, with Clootie herself alongside some gnarly trees, Celtic knotwork too to reflect the deep history of Abernethy! There’s also a little Robin in there if you look carefully enough. I didn’t want this to be a simple vector based logo, but wanted instead to go a bit old school with it… colourful, plump, joyful, and Scottish, was what I had in mind… even the lettering would be hand done…obviously so… It was a lot of work, but I really enjoyed bringing Clootie McToot to life.

In hindsight I wish I put a flag on the pole of the tower. 😉