Clootie Dumplings For Everyone

Clootie Dumplings For Everyone

If you are anything like us then you’re currently trying to decide what to buy as a Christmas gift for those difficult-to-get-for friends and relatives. Well, we might be biased, but we might just have the answer too! 

Firstly, our Festive Clootie Dumpling is an obvious choice. This is the most traditional of Clootie Dumplings and a huge favourite at this time of year. We describe it as a moist and lighter alternative to Christmas pudding. It’s absolutely packed with sultanas, cranberries, and apricots that have been soaked in brandy for weeks. It’s the brandy that really gives it a decadent, Christmassy feel. The aroma, when it’s served, is one of the highlights of Christmas dinner. We recommend you serve it with flaming brandy, brandy butter, fresh cream or ice-cream, but every year we hear from customers who have given it their own personal twist, it’s wonderful to see how people enjoy it. 

We’re also well aware that it’s important we cater for everyone, especially at this time of year. That’s why we’ve created our Gluten Free Festive Clootie Dumpling. Not only is this suitable for coeliacs, or anyone following a gluten free diet, but it is also suitable for Vegans too. Like our traditional Festive Clootie Dumpling we don’t skimp on the ingredients. All the fruit is still soaked in brandy for a minimum of 4 weeks, and it still delivers that wonderful taste and aroma of Christmas. 

If you’re curious about the brandy we use, it’s actually an apple brandy which we source locally. Apple brandy was historically the brandy used to soak fruit for Clootie Dumplings and we’ve kept that tradition alive.

How about something a little different, but with a real Christmas feel; a Traditional Clootie Log. We’ve taken our most popular Clootie Dumpling and, well, made it logged shape. It’s still bursting with mouthwatering fruit and soft spices and it still follows our secret family recipe, it’s just a bit easier to slice! Whether you have it as a dessert, with a cup of tea or with your breakfast in the morning, this is a gift that they’ll remember and thank you for, of that we’re sure. 

Our last suggestion is for that person in your life who fancies themselves as a contestant on The Bake Off, how about one of our Clootie Kits. As the name suggests each Clootie kit includes all the dried ingredients, muslin cloth, string and detailed preparation and cooking instructions, including a few serving suggestions for their finished Clootie Dumpling. All they’ll need is some milk, butter, one egg and an apple. This gift also has the added bonus that you might even be invited round when they use it! 

All of our dumplings and gifts can be ordered online today so they’ll be received in plenty of time for Christmas.