Clootie Dumplings are delicious at anytime of the day! Enjoy at room temperature with a cuppa!

Storage Life:

Your Clootie Dumpling is vacuum packed for freshness.

For best results store your Clootie Dumpling in a cool, dry, dark place preferably in the fridge. Once opened, you can store your Clootie Dumpling in the fridge for 2-3 days.

You can also freeze your Clootie Dumpling, either in slices wrapped in film or in the vacuum bag, for up to six months.

Other serving suggestions:


Fry this scrumptious delight with a hearty full Scottish Breakfast. Sweet / savoury combination . Yummy!

Clootie Dumpling Breakfast
IMG 0145


My favourite warm Clootie Dumpling served with Custard, cream or ice-cream

Clootie Dumpling Crumble

Crumb a few pieces of Clootie Dumpling and place on a baking tray and toast in the oven for 5 minutes. Stew a fresh fruit and place the crumb on top. Yummy

IMG 4065[3830]
Clootie Dumplings Healthy Alternative

Healthy Alternative

Serve with a fresh natural yogurt and pureed fruit.

Alternative for a Christmas pudding

Flambé and make this your center piece of your Christmas, Hogmanay, or Burns Supper.

Clootie Dumplings Christmas Pudding
Birthday Cake Clootie

Birthday Cake

Why not go Old School and have a Clootie Dumpling as your traditional Birthday Cake


Keep your guests happy with these two show stopping canapés that are as easy to assemble as they are to gobble up… We’ll raise a glass to that!

1. Oatcakes, haggis, neeps ( swede) , tatties (mashed potato) and Clootie Dumpling. A quick and easy Scottish dinner party canapé

2. Oatcakes, crumbly cheddar cheese, Clootie Dumpling and tangy tomato chutney

IMG 0212
Clootie Dumplings Canapes


Serve on a cheese board with a crumbly cheese, fruity chutney and oat cakes.