Master the Art of Traditional Clootie Dumpling Making

We are delighted to have created a Clootie Dumpling making masterclass from our Clootie Dumpling HQ in Abernethy, Scotland. The three-hour workshop is available for cooks of all experiences and abilities using the best traditional Clootie Dumpling recipe created in Scotland by my grandmother. Our workshop will take you through step-by-step enables the art of traditional Clootie Dumpling making with the Clootie queen and owner of Clootie McToot Traditional Dumplings, Michelle Maddox.

On arrival at Clootie Dumpling HQ in Abernethy, Scotland you will be given a short safety brief and provided with all the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) and advised of our guidelines around social distancing and COVID-19 before entering the Clootie Dumpling kitchen.

The Clootie Dumpling kitchen is where you will participate in the preparation of your own traditional Clootie Dumpling. Once the Clootie Dumpling mixture has been prepared, your mix will be wrapped in a traditional Clootie Dumpling cloth, a ‘cloot’. You’ll then be invited to give your Clootie Dumpling a ‘wee skelp’ for good luck before popping it in our big Clootie Dumpling pots for boiling. Now its time to relax, you will be able to enjoy a tea, coffee or juice with a slice of prepared dumpling and enjoy the aromas and sounds of your Clootie Dumpling cooking. That’s not all, during the break we will share with you the history of Clootie Dumpling while given you lots of information on serving ideas and you be invited to share in a selection of Clootie Dumplings with a modern twist. Once your Clootie Dumpling is ready, you will be invited back into the kitchen to ‘de-cloot’ your Clootie Dumpling before letting it dry in our ovens before you take it home. Our Clootie Dumpling workshops include all the required ingredients, PPE and cooking equipment. You will take home:

• 800g Traditional Clootie Dumpling
• Muslin Cloot
• Complimentary container to transport your traditional Clootie Dumpling

All of our guests will also receive 10% off our Clootie McToot shop range during their visit.

The Art of Clootie Dumpling Making


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Hands on at Clootie McToot HQ

Clootie McToot Workshop

Pre book and join us for a ‘hands on’ workshop. You will be in the kitchens with one of our experts making your own Clootie Dumpling to take home while learning about the history, traditions, techniques, tips and tricks. 3.5 hour workshop

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Learn the Art Online

Clootie McToot Workshop

Wherever you are in the world you can now join the Clootie Queen Michelle Maddox online to learn the Art of Clootie Dumpling Making in the comfort of your own home! Book your place on our website to participate. Group options available. 1.5 hour session.

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Live Demonstration and Tasting Session

Clootie McToot Workshop

Pre book to join a live demonstration at Clootie McToot HQ while sampling our Traditional Clootie Dumpling and dumplings with a modern twist. 2 hour session.

Clootie Mctoot Dumplings

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