Christmas Time!

Christmas Time!

We think the world can be split into two types of people; those who do their Christmas shopping early and those who leave it late! So, if you’re one of those clever organised people who are starting their Christmas shopping now, well we might have some great ideas for you. Although we’ve only just celebrated Halloween there’s no denying that Christmas is looming large on the horizon now and that means it’s a very busy time at Clootie McToot. 

For starters (or main course, or especially dessert!) let us introduce you to something a little wonderful, the Clootie McToot Plum Pudding. For many people Christmas simply isn’t Christmas without a plum pudding, it’s as important as turkey and the tree. Many people refer to plum pudding as ‘Christmas Pudding’ or even ‘Figgy Pudding’ at this time of year and that’s because plum pudding and Christmas Pudding are basically the same thing. There’s nothing basic about our plum pudding though. Each one is made by hand and is a mouth watering combination of dried fruits and spices and just the right amount of rum. We only have limited numbers though, so order today to avoid disappointment. 

The only thing more Christmassy than our plum pudding is our special Festive Clootie Dumpling. This is a unique recipe and we’ve perfected it over the years combining cranberries, apricots, sultanas and raisins into our pudding we then soak it in fine brandy for a minimum of 4 weeks. It’s sensational! Now, because of the time it takes to create only the early Christmas shoppers can buy it as we make these to order and once we get to December there’s simply not enough time to make them properly. So please, order without delay, we hate disappointing people.

Lastly, if you want to send something to someone special, or even give yourself a treat (and haven’t we all earned that after the last few years!) then you might want to consider one of these wonderful hampers from Baxters. A Scottish family business, like ourselves, Baxters are world famous for their preserves and soups and they’ve selected some complementary products to add to their popular hamper range. We were delighted when they chose our clootie dumplings to add to their hampers. There’s something magical about a hamper at Christmas time. 

We better get back to the kitchen, everything really ramps up at this time of year at Clootie McToot leaving us with no time to think about Christmas, if we’re not careful we’ll be doing all our shopping on Christmas Eve!