At Last, Spring Is In The Air…

At Last, Spring Is In The Air…

Spring is in the air, at last, and it’s not just the birds that are busy, it’s been a very productive couple of months here at Clootie McToot HQ.

Firstly we’re delighted to share our new packaging. With the environment in mind, we’ve chosen fully recyclable cardboard that is also made from a mixture of recycled paper and sustainably forested wood. These sleeves should not only help lower our carbon footprint but we’re also rather pleased with how they look. Let us know what you think of them.

(example shot of our new, more environmentally friendly packaging)

We’re also excited to share that Clootie McToot has been working with Abertay University in Dundee to extend the shelf life of our delicious products from three weeks to up to six months! Our famous taste remains the same, and we’re so happy to be able to offer longer-lasting products without sacrificing quality.

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with Abertay’s amazing Transform Net-Zero programme, which helps Scottish food and drink businesses like ours investigate ways to reduce energy consumption, food waste, and extend shelf life. Through this programme, we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with other businesses and learn from their experiences, which has been incredibly valuable.

We were lucky enough to work with the brilliant Katrina Ross, Project Manager at Abertay, who helped us test out different preservation methods to find the best one for our products. We tried all sorts of techniques, from changing the packaging to tweaking the ingredients, and finally found the perfect solution that works for us.

Thanks to this collaboration, we’re now able to produce our products in larger batches and distribute them to more retailers, all while reducing our impact on the environment by cutting down on food waste. We’re so thrilled with the results, and we couldn’t have done it without Abertay’s support.

We’re grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Abertay University’s Transform Net-Zero program, and we’re looking forward to continuing our partnership in the future. It’s been an incredible resource for our business, and we’re excited to see where our collaboration takes us next.

Lastly, we’re also building a new nest this spring. We’re currently fitting out a new production facility in nearby Perth. It’s been a real challenge in recent months keeping up with orders for our clootie dumplings and our new home will allow us to cater for the growing demand. We’re so grateful to all our customers for their support, and this move should ensure we don’t have to disappoint anyone in the future. We look forward to telling you more about it in the coming months.