A Scottish Sweetie

One of the things that I have struggled to make in the past was Scottish tablet. For those who don’t know what Tablet is. It is the next stage after fudge. It has a harder texture that melts in your mouth with a sweet, creamy goodness.

In the past my tablet disasters have ended up like a watery fudge or a toffee you could break your teeth on.  I tried and tried over the years and eventually I just cut my losses and bought it from another local producer.

Remembering my mother’s words who said practise makes perfect, yesterday I was feeling like a challenge and resurrected my tablet making. In my mind I had prepared myself for another disaster, but guess what?. I made the most scrumptious Scottish Tablet from what I would deem to be my own full proof recipe. Thankfully this was not a one off and I have produced excellent tablet on two further occasions.

Believe me if I can do it you can do it too!!! If you would like be to Blog the recipe please message.

If you don’t have time we have a variety of Scottish Tablet and fudge for sale in our Clootie McToot Dumpling shop on Main Street, Abernethy.