A Clootie Dumpling Isn’t Just For Christmas…

A Clootie Dumpling Isn’t Just For Christmas…

The only complaint we’ve ever heard from someone who received a Clootie McToot clootie dumpling as a gift was they could only eat it once! That got us thinking; what if there was some way to extend the life of your gift. Now, even we haven’t figured out how you can eat a delicious clootie dumpling more than once, but we have come up with the next best thing, so let us introduce you to our ‘evermore’ range.

We know that in these super fast days of ultra convenience, instant this and hurried that a clootie dumpling requires a little more time and effort. That’s part of its appeal and it’s certainly part of its wonderful traditional taste. Integral to that is the ‘cloot’, this is the cloth that contains all the specially selected ingredients that go into a dumpling. The cloots we use are high quality and can be used again and again. That got us thinking, what if they were used to contain something else after you’ve enjoyed your clootie dumpling.

Let us introduce you to Obi Wan Kenobi, a clootie dumpling from a galaxy far, far away! If Star Wars isn’t your thing what about Harry Potter or James Bond? Looking for something a little closer to home, how about William Wallace or Mary Queen Of Scots, or even Oor Wullie or The Big Yin. Maybe Outlander is your favourite and what could be more poetic than a Rabbie Burns Clootie dumpling.

Our ‘evermore’ range has something for everyone and really is a gift to remember. Once the clootie dumpling itself has been savoured the cloot and the costume can be turned into a doorstop or a decoration for your home. Trust us, visitors will ask you about them for years to come and even better they’ll act as a constant reminder of the delicious dumpling they once held.

Christmas isn’t far away now so please, don’t delay in ordering. We hate having to disappoint people and it does happen every year as someone makes contact with us after the final guaranteed delivery date has passed.

Don’t forget to send us a picture of your ‘evermore’ dumpling in its new home, we love seeing them back in the wild again!