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Clootie McToot The Clootie Dumpling from Abernethy
Quiet and shy Clootie McToot moves to Abernethy. Will she ever leave her old gnarled root?

Local author Michelle Maddox has her sights on for the Best sellers list with her children's book inspired by her love for Scottish food . Jimmy Glen was a illustrator worked for D.C. Thompson from the age of 16 illustrating many of the Oor Wullie and Dandy Books.

Michelle mentioned "There are so many children's books about the haggis and very few about a Clootie Dumpling. The Clootie Dumpling is part of our Scottish heritage too. If you look around when walking up Castle law or in the highlands you may just spot the odd Clootie Dumpling or two!"

The book is available to purchase for £6.99 in the Clootie McToot Dumpling Shop, Abernethy, Perth or on their webpage HERE.
Waterstones book shop and their on line shop also stock the book.

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On the 2nd of June we won an award at the Taste of Grampian for the Best Small stand.


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Well done to the lucky winners!


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Clootie McToot Dumplings were serving hot Clootie dumpling and Custard at the Biggest Weekend , Scone Palace , Perth May 2018