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Hi, my name is Michelle Maddox. I am married with four beautiful children and live in the Pictish village of Abernethy on the Perthshire/Fife border. I have gained a number of catering qualifications over the years and achieved a degree with distinction in Food, Health and Welfare. My inspiration for cooking started with my first work placement on the BBC Food and Drink Show in 2001. Moving from a small village in Scotland to Central London and working with celebrities was an experience I will never forget. Eventually my career took off in a different direction and my joy for traditional Scottish cooking became a hobby.

In 2015 my son asked me if I would bake and have a stall at his local school fete. He was keen to be behind a market stall selling goods. I agreed, and we decided to make Clootie dumplings with our family’s traditional recipe. The aroma of sugar and spice and the laughter from my children brought back many fond memories of my own childhood.

From that moment on, my inspiration, desire and passion for traditional Scottish cooking was ignited and a business was born.

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